About Us

Well Strung began at a company outing in the summer of 2001 when Andy Meehan and Alan Tofig decided to get together for one short set and play for a bunch of insurance agents.  Since then we've grown from a 2-man acoustic duo to a 6-piece rock band that has become a fixture on the Bucks County/Northeast Philly live music scene.

Andy "The Mojo Man" Meehan
Lead & Backing Vocals, Harmonica & Percussion

MOJO....what is it really? Though the term has been around for untold generations, the author Marshall Goldsmith defined it succinctly in his recent bestseller as "the moment when we do something that's purposeful, powerful and positive and the rest of the world recognizes it:" "MOJO is that positive spirit toward what we are doing that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside". Andy's relentless pursuit of MOJO is evident in the time and direction of God-given talent that he has devoted to the craft of singing and playing the harmonica in a live setting. Whether it's belting out classic rock and blues gems with a full band or negotiating the more subtle nuances of jazz or celtic tunes with his duo sidekicks,  Andy brings all of his passion for making good music and his technical prowess on many different types of harmonicas to each and every gig. Never afraid to push the limits of his ability and stick his neck out to try something different, Andy is still growing as a musician and a person after being at the music game for over 30 years in the Delaware Valley. That's what makes the live performances stay fresh. His enthusiasm and energy infect even the most sober of patrons. Andy plays diatonic and chromatic harmonicas in many different tunings and styles, and will only sing songs that he likes to sing and that he feels in his soul. In addition to his activities with The Well Strung Band, Mr. Mojo plays alongside Scott Gurney (piano and vocals) Alan Tofig (guitars and other stringed instruments) and Gabe Schick (guitar, vocals, steel drum).

Ron Berger
Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

Ron grew up in New York and started banging on inanimate objects at a young age. He channeled that untamed energy by learning to play the drums in first grade. Many years of lessons and noise followed, interspersed with quiet time on the piano.  While attending The Hartt College of Music at the University of Hartford, he helped start the university radio station, which led to a full time position on the first album oriented rock radio station in Hartford, WHCN. Ron also worked at WNEW FM in NewYork, and Well Strung guitarist Alan Tofig even remembers listening to Ron on WPLR in New Haven. After being in several bands in college, Ron met the musicians that would become the last band he would be in as a full time musician....Sunship, an eight piece behemoth that was signed to Capitol records in 1973. Their debut (and only) album (ST11295), (a true collectors item), was released in the spring of 1974. On tour, Sunship opened for acts including Steely Dan, Rick Nelson, Hot Tuna, and many others.  Ron is an outstanding durmmer and combined with John Quattrocchi, makes the Well Strung rhythm section one of the best in the area.  Ron has been with the band on and off for nearly 8 years and next to Andy and Alan is longest tenured member of the band and holds the distinction of being the first member to get his AARP card (although certainly not the last)..  He desperately clings to the hope that by playing the drums and using his four limbs independently, his mind will continue it's useful function.

John Quattrocchi
Bass & Backing Vocals

John Quattrocchi is one of the most talented, experienced and best known bass players in the region.  A professional musician for over 25 years, John was a member of the Fabulous Grease Band a staple in the NY/NJ/PA area for most of that time.  He has been a bass player for numerous other acts including rock icon Chuck Berry.  He joined Well Strung in 2009 and combined with Ron Berger on Drums make up one of the best (and oldest) rhythm sections in the area. 

Glen Hansel
Guitar & Backing Vocals

Glen has played for over 25 years in Delaware Valley Classic rock cover acts starting with his time in Last Call with The Mojoman back in the late '80's. Glen played for many years with Mad Dog Fin, Tribute and most recently with Pink Floyd and Allman Bro's tribute bands. Glen's mastery of tone (awesome gold-top Les Paul dude!) and the "talk box", along with his cool demeanor and reliance on substance and talent rather than "smoke and mirrors" make him a great addition to the band.
Bob Lavendusky
Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals